Re: people who eat dirt

Stephen Wray (
18 Nov 1995 22:51:12 GMT

>>>>> "Derek" == Derek Olivier Blair <> writes:

Derek> Hi someone recently posted regarding the question of whether
Derek> there were any tribes who ate dirt. Mary Douglas points out
Derek> that Nyakyusa have a ritual where dirt, excreta, frogs etc.. are
Derek> eaten.

There was a documentary here recently featuring the ineffable Desmond
Morris, where an African (?) tribe are mine a certain type of clay and roll
it into little balls and nibble at it. Analysis of the clay show that it is
pretty much what you'd get if you went to your health-food or drug store
and forked out $$ for mineral supplements.

As far as eating frogs goes, didn't someone once say
"Eat a live toad before breakfast every morning and nothing worse will
happen to you all day."?

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