Re: Anthro/Archaeology Depts combinedy
16 Nov 95 00:50:54 -0400

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>>My university combines the fields of Anthropology under the major Anthropology.
>>That is to say that Archaeology degrees are not offered but the
>>Archaeology classes are offered by the Anthro dept. Is anyone in a
>>similar situation? I am wondering what constraints that puts on
>>the development of Archeo students if any? Anyone out there that
>>has their Anthro studies pigeonholed under History for example?
> I can't GET an anthropology degree at my university (North
> Carolina Central). However, I could take one or two anth classes under
> sociology if I so desired.
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In North America, at least, it's standard for archaeology to be taught in
an Anthropology department. You'll find that almost all, not all,
North American archaeoloogists have Anthropology degrees.

It's what they need to develop their studies and careers.