"The Gift"

Paul R. Osterman ((no email))
14 Nov 1995 21:10:22 GMT

Am an anthropological/sociological lay-person looking for some reading recommendations...

Am currently in the midst of reading Marcel Mauss's "The Gift: <Long Subtitle>",
and am finding it to be a *fairly* heavy read.

When done, I'll potentially be looking for other similar materials that fit the
following criterian:
-> An (up-to-date & comprehensive as possible) look at "reciprocity/gift-giving",
taking into account Mauss & others who've built on him.
-> To be (approximately) of an undergraduate complexity level.
-> May be part of a work (ie., a text) or a complete work on it's own.
-> May focus on various cultures (as does Mauss) *OR* an in-depth examination
of the topic(s) within US culture.

Please e-mail any recommendations.


Paul Osterman
Utica, NY