Re: Bonobo Books?

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13 Nov 1995 22:55:43 -0500

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Shinobu Satoh <> wrote:
}I am looking for books on Bonobos (Pygmie chimps) in their natural habitats,
}not in the lab environments.
}As I searched in the Japanese Diet library, the database did not
}give me any titles.
}Is this reflected the state of the researches on the subjects?
}Anyway, if someone can give me the names of the books which is
}easy to understand, I will appreciate.

One of the leading bonobo researchers is Takayoshi Kano. Try an author

My favorite bonobo book is Frans de Waal's _Peacemaking Among Primates_,
1989, Harvard University Press, Cambridge. Actually the bonobos get only a
chapter; the other primates are chimpanzees, rhesus macaques, stump-tailed
macaques, and humans.

-- Herb Huston