Re: Good books on funeral practices?

Joel and Lynn GAzis-SAx (
Mon, 13 Nov 95 18:59:42 GMT

Here's a short list which I have developed. Some are serious, some more

The Way We Die by David Dempsey, Macmillan, 1975.

Silent City on a Hill: Landscapes of Memory and Boston's Mount Auburn
Cemetery by Blanche Linden Ward, Ohio State University Press, 1989

Cemeteries and Gravemarkers: Voices of American Culture by Richard Meyer
(editor), UMI Research, 1989.

The American Way of Death by Jessica Mitford

The Last Great Necessity: Cemeteries in American History by David Charles
Sloane, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1991.

Death in America by David E. Stannard (editor), University of Pennsylvania
Press, 1975.


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