Re: Good books on funeral practices?

Petersondl (
13 Nov 1995 06:28:21 -0500

Check one by authors Huntington (?Huntingdon) and Metcalf. Can't remember
the title, but it covers mounds, pyramids, how the two are linked from an
anthropological perspective, and an anthrpology of recent Euroamerican
practices. If you've got Gimbutas on your list, you won't fail to be
impressed by this one. It's worth spending some time to track down.

If you read German, check out "Graber (umlaut over the 'a')-Spiegel des
Lebens" by Alfred Haffner. It deals with the recent excavations of a
cemetery in the Middle Rhine with burals from the Iron Age (?Bronze Age)
through Roman times, and maybe into the Middle Ages, including a Celtic
chariot burial(!). And if that grabs you, you can check out my M.A.
thesis, "The Late Iron Age Celtic Chariot" which has a lot of source
material and deals almost exclusively with evidence from burials
(University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN-- available through IL, on U of
MN's LUMINA online catalog).

Happy hunting,

Dave Peterson