Re: What is this nonsense about the gay gene?

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13 Nov 1995 10:52:46 GMT (Angelique Skiman) wrote:
> Can anyone tell me about the study recently conducted that has
> supposedly found a gay gene on the X chromosome? This seems very unlikely
> to me. There is such a wide variety of sexual behavior that I doubt a
> single gene makes a person gay. If such a gene exists

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> I do not doubt that many gay people believe that they have
> been gay their whole lives. However, I really can't believe this is do to
> a single gene.
> -Angelique M. Skiman
> graduate student in anthropology,
> San Francisco State University

I an not surprised that some people are trying to show that there is
such a thing as a "Gay Gene" -concidering the tons of crap that has
been written about why som people is gay.

This is a new one..... In an discussion about male circumcision that
I read some time ago- one man stated that he had his son circumcised
so that his son would not become gay !!!!