Re: need info :Irish & Celtic Phys Anthropology

Philip (
10 Nov 1995 21:51:34 GMT wrote:
>Seeking references on the physical anthropology of Celts in general and the
>Irish in particular, especially any recent DNA typing data. The most
>recent work cited by abstracting services are some dated antigen and blood
>protein marker frequencies. Are there any recent unpublished technical reports
>on RFLP and STR frequencies, and Mt sequences? Thanks in advance.
>John Hartmann

There is a recent paper which describes the diversification of
Y-chromosomal sequences in different human populations, I'm not sure of
the journal off the top of my head or how narrowly they looked at
indoeuropean derived populations. This article is supposed to be the most
recent and the strongest evidence yet for a >200,000 year branch point
for modern the H. Sapiens populations. Prior to this another group looked
at mitochondrial sequences. Give a little time and I can get you an exact