Re: Male Virginity EXPLANATION - fixed quotes

Patrick Draper (
Thu, 09 Nov 1995 12:25:31 GMT

"J.E.Hawcroft" <> wrote:

>I've come into this debate pretty late I know, so my apologies if I'm
>reiterationg something that has already been said, but...
>I thought that circumcision was invented by the Jewish peoples who were
>led out of Egypt by Moses, and who eventually ended up in Israel (I
>think). There wouuld be a good explanation for this - it is very easy to
>get infections under the foreskin if you don't wash enough and if you
>were tramping about in the desert for forty years you might well not be
>ideally hygenic. You might feel justified in lopping off your infant
>son's foreskin in order to spare pain and embarrassment later.
>Regards, Jennie

But this disregards half the population.

Is there something about women that prevents them from getting sand in
unwanted (and uncomfortable!) places?

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