Science By Mail Volunteer Scientists Wanted

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6 Nov 1995 16:39:42 -0500


Science-By-Mail is a pen-pal program from the Museum of Science in Boston,
Massachusetts that teams scientists with children in grades 4 through 9.
Due to an increase in membership this year we need additional scientists
for the 1995-96 program year. All of the scientists in our program act as
pen-pal mentors and correspond with up to five groups of 1-4 children or
with one classroom of seven groups of 1-4 children. We mail out two
activity packets per year (once in December and once in March) for you to
review, and then correspond with your pen-pals about the activities in the

The commitment requires approximately 20 hours per program year (November
through June). Our topics this year are the Science of Sports and
Planetary Science. Volunteers do not need to be experts in the fields of
the topics, we provide information on each topic to the scientists, for
each activity.

In order to be a Volunteer Scientist you need to have a bachelors degree
in a science or technology related field. You also need to have the
desire to inspire scientific curiosity in children.

If you are interested in volunteering for Science-By-Mail please call
1-800-729 3300 or 617-589-0437 and ask for Melissa Cotter or Monica
Parker. If you get our voice mail just leave your name, phone number and
fax number and we will send you information right away. Thank you in
advance for your help!