Steve and Barbara Balkin (
Mon, 6 Nov 1995 11:39:33 LOCAL

Anthropologists and their friends are invited to post questions
and discuss issues related to outdoor markets and street vendors in a new
usenet group: "alt.culture.openair-market".

If you don't get this, please request your internet sevice provider to
provide access to it.

The following is the Charter.

Discussion of open air markets around the world. Open air markets would
include Farmers' Markets, Flea Markets, Street Markets, and Street Vendors
(formal and informal).

Examples of discussion questions would include:

Which markets best show local culture?
Which markets have the best and cheapest food?
Where are the best bargains?
What are the principles behind the most successful markets?
How does one best design and manage markets?
What is the role of open air markets in Community Economic Development?
Where are street vendors at risk of being forced out of business?

This will be an unmoderated group.

Open air markets are a rather big chunk of world economic activity. With
growing income inequality, this sector of the world economy is especially
important to track and discuss.

- Steve Balkin