Re: Male Virginity EXPLANATION

5 Nov 1995 22:00:35 GMT

In some article, David N. Barnett writes:
: (Nathan Keir Edel) wrote:

: >Hong Ooi ( wrote:
: >: Did you know that it's possible to sing all of Emily Dickinson's poems
: >: to the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas"?
: >
: >Or that it's possible to sing that 'now I lay me down to sleep..." prayer to
: >the tune of Yankee doodle?
: At the risk of further extending this thread drift away from anything
: having to do with anthropology, please note that you can sing "Pinball
: Wizard" to the tune of "Folsom Prison Blues" and vice versa.

Better yet, you can sing Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham" to the tune of
Neil Diamond's "I am, I Said."

(not that you should)

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