Re: Male Virginity EXPLANATION

Sean Smith (
Mon, 06 Nov 1995 10:05:30 +0100

In article <47d9qr$>, (Hong Ooi) wrote:
> (Grumble) Well, thanks for that Sean. I now have a hoary old
> Lennon-McCartney ditty, written before I was born, going through my
> head and driving me nuts.
Well then...let's all get up and dance! Although you weren't born a long,
long time ago, you should know. Hmmm, guess that doesn't quite work, does
> Did you know that it's possible to sing all of Emily Dickinson's poems
> to the tune of "The Yellow Rose of Texas"?

Dammit! All those years of schooling, and not _one_ of my professors or
teachers ever pointed this out to me! I knew it! My life has been a waste!
It's true what they say about 'Merkan edumacaytion!
It sux!

At least I do know that you combine the melody and verses of that calypso
folk song "Pay Me My Money Down" with the chorus of the traditional
British sea shanty "General Taylor."

Sean ("Carved out _my_ niche of expertise") Smith

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