Dreads Research

Alfonse Pagano (alf@inch.com)
4 Nov 1995 12:33:54 GMT

I am in the proccess of researching african religions and cultures for a
photo book about
the wearing of dreadlock as a religious or cultural symbol to be
published late 1996. Looking for information or leads on the following:

Ethiopia, Bahatowie priests of the Amhara nation believed to be of the
coptic faith.

Senegal, Baye Fal, believed to be a sect of Islam.
Mouridism also a sect of Islam

Kenya, Akorino of the Kikuyu nation.

Zwaziland, the Ndebele

Zimbabwe, The Mhondoro and thhe Nyanga

Gahana, Bono Of techiman, Believed to be witch-hunting shamans

Niger, Da Da and many more.

And any other leads pertaining to any cultures who's the wearing of
their hair in a locked or matted fashion has spiritual or cultural
religious meanings

Please mail me a request and I will forward a statement of intent
re: the project.

Thank you. AP