Call for Beta Testers (Reference Authors)

Abiogenesis Software (
Fri, 3 Nov 1995 14:07:18 -0800 (PST)

Product to be Tested

Mac-based software for transforming ASCII or RTF reference materials
(primarily dictionaries and biographies) into microcomputer dictionaries.

Qualifications Sought

- good computer literacy required
- previous beta testing experience preferred
- access to macintosh computer (preferably color) with word processor
or text editor
- previous reference development experience (priority will be
given to testers who have authored print or online dictionaries, but
we may fill a couple of slots to good applicants who have not
done this)
- ability to provide verbose, articulate feedback
- email contact address

How to Apply

Send email to including:

1. name & email address
2. phone number
3. previous reference publications (if applicable)
4. statement of why you are interested in beta testing
5. previous testing experience, if applicable
6. statement of approx. how much time you can devote to
7. estimate of how often you are able to provide feedback

Beta testing does not include any monetary compensation, however you will
receive free copies of the software, and, if you author materials to
accompany the software, you have the option of self-publishing,
publishing through a publisher of your choice, or approaching us about
publishing your materials - in other words, you may be able to make some
money selling anything you produce in the process of beta testing, at
your discretion. For more information, contact

J. Petersen <>

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