Re: The Origin of The Cravat (Was: Are Ties Phallocarps?)

Otis Gospodnetic (
Thu, 02 Nov 1995 22:56:06 GMT

Mike Bender ( wrote:

> All of the discussions on the time have missed what I feel is the REAL
> REASON for the tie -- to create a symbolic separation between the body
> and the head. The "head" represents the place where thinking takes
> place and the "body" represents the place where our emotions reside.

> This also explains why:

> 1) Women are less likely to wear ties
> Since women are not expected to separate their emotions from
> their thinking as much as men.

> 2) When women enter management it is more likely to see them wearing
> ties.
> It is a way of demonstrating that they, too, have given up their
> emotional side.

man, you're crazy.
if this was sarcasm then fine, but if you were serious, then heh, I don't know
what your wife, if you 'have' one, thinks about this (and theerfore you).
This can't be serious...hehe, too funny !


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