Re: Male Virginity and Circumcision

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2 Nov 1995 09:31:54 GMT

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> (Michael Nakis ) wrote:
>>Ooops. The problem here is, you are defining "Virgin" in a cultural
>>context, while I am not. From my purely biological point of view, virgin
>>or not virgin means hymen or no hymen, regardless of whether the person
>>has engaged in sex or whether she was riding a bicycle on a rocky road or
>>whether he was masturbating too hard.
>i am interpreting this to mean that a newborn baby girl who, through some
>stroke of fate, was born without a therefore not a virgin?

Yes, in a strictly biological sense, SHE IS NOT A VIRGIN.

>This is a fascinating definition of virginity, and one that i have not
>heard before. Please correct me if i have made any misinterpretations. I
>personally am of the opinion that you cannot define virginity in a
>strictly biological sense, because everyone, excluding perhaps yourself,
>is exposed to a cultural definition of virginity from day one...making the
>very term "virginity" simply a cultural notion, rather than a biological

Well, ok, ok, ok, the "COMMON" understanding of virginity is cultural, not
biological, and I cannot redefine it. Fine. So, let me reword what I said
in my previous posting, and add a bit:

In the discussion which I am trying to instigate in this thread, virginity
should be considered in a strictly biological sense and not in a cultural

Does that sound better? Shall I include this as a footnote to every
bloody posting of mine?

I am saying this, because the cultural context is irrelevant to the
discussion at hand. I have noticed that some people keep speaking of
virginity in a cultural context while replying to my postings, and they
seem to miss the whole point that I am trying to make.

>>Thank you for your helpful advice about female anatomy, mr, ehm, "..".
>that's *miss* ".." to you :).

Oh, I am sorry, I should have known that ".." means "Miss".
I guess "oo" must mean "Mrs",
"OO" must mean "BIG Mrs",
and ":-" must mean "Mr."

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