Re: What were those apes called?

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> Last night on _World of Wonder_ (Discovery Channel), Michael Dorn hosted an
> episode where 1/3 of it was devoted to a chimp-like, promiscuous species of
> ape, which may in fact have MORE in common with humans (socially and
> genetically) than chimpanzees do.
> However, I cannot for the life of me remember what this ape species was
> called.
> I'm curious because of some of the (perhaps biased) things the ape
> studiers said regarding how these primates kept the peace through frequent
> fornication, and that human sexual behavior was probably similar before
> social mores started to interfere with it. (Even the *infant* apes of
> this species initiated sexual experimentation!) So ... does anyone
> out there know what these apes are called, and if any books have been
> done on them?

It is "Pan paniscus", the bonobo. Sometimes called pygmy chimpanzee.

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