hekatologos 1008

Martin Helick (rmhelick@telerama.lm.com)
3 Nov 1995 14:24:44 -0500

1008 'Se dan an tsamhradh teacht ar ball. ('Tis destined that
summer finally comes)

There is a secret restlessness that pervades all things: the
oscillation of electrons inside the atom, the flight of the
planets about the sun, the flip-flop of ionized protoplasm within
the labyrinths of our brains. Transcendental reality may be an
invariant but substantive reality is relative and distorted by
parallax as we orbit the objects of our perceptions thinking that
it is they that orbit us. And much as the intellect would tame
them and make them its own, the necessary reference points lie
hidden within the DNA molecules that have defined both us and the
idiom of our inquiry. And it is they that make the final com-
mentary, from the wild dance of the sperm as it intrudes the egg
to the silence when the beat of the heart is no more. [An Roth]
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"Neither at any time was time not.... At no time, then, hadst Thou
not made anything because time itself Thou madest".. St. Augustine