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~ (Kevin D. Quitt) wrote:
~ >James Rogers <jfr> wrote:
~ >
~ >> (Kevin D. Quitt) wrote:
~ >>>Rusty Rae <Rustyra@!> wrote:
~ >>..
~ >>>> Your post
~ >>>>will be sent to my senator along with a plea that jpl is abusing
~ >>>>privileges when they post on taxpayers' time and on taxpayers'
~ >>>>equipment.
~ >>>
~ >>>Who's your senator? I want to include follow-up information about
~ >>>on the internet.
~ >>
~ >>This is Rusty's standard tactic: try lame intimidation when you can't
~ >
~ >Do you think anyone should tell her that JPL is a private organization,
~ >wholly owned by a private college (CalTech), and not a government
~ >Nah, why confuse her with the facts?
~ The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is a
~ Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC). JPL procurements
~ California Institute of Technology (Caltech) contracts, not
~ contracts.
~ Potential contractors should contact Caltech/JPL and familiarize
themselves with the
~ terms under which JPL contracts are awarded.
~ Hot off the web. It sez, ". . .a
government-owned/contractor-operated, Federally
~ Funded. . ." i.e., paid for by the citizens who read your posts, which are
written on a
~ computer bought by us (or at least your e-mail privileges were paid for by
us). I am one
~ citizen who does not approve of such waste of my tax dollars.
~ Sheila

Could you folks take your arguemnets about local politics out of all these
uninterrested groups.

follow ups set to dev/nul
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