Aha! Book Recommendations needed

Kalpak Shah (kalpak@redbrick.com)
Mon, 30 Oct 1995 23:13:54 GMT

I am looking for books (probably non-fiction, although some fiction
books might also qualify) from which you got a whole new concept (a
new way of thinking). I am primarily interested in concepts to which I
can relate to in real life (quantum mechanics doesn't qualify. human
behaviour does but psuedo science of phsychology might not).

Books under this category I consider
1. Selfless gene
2. Art of war by sun Tzo(??)
3. Chaos
4. Scientific American article which was about how immune and nervous
system are "connected" which explains how feelings can affect your
5. Godel Escher Bach

I am open to books in any field. To give people insight, I am computer
programmer (and have had n years of physics, maths etc but remember
very little about it). Fields which sort of currently interest me are
geography, geology, climate/weather, history if it explains present,
biology/health/etc (anything here related to human body.), astronomy
(want to be more active here like star gazing but am always stuck with
remembering star names than proceeing beyond it), economics,
psychology of crowds, music (any good beginner book), etc

Thanks very much. Please keep followups to rec.arts.books.