Re: The Origin of The Cravat (Was: Are Ties Phallocarps?)
28 Oct 95 04:10:14 -0300

In article <46m09f$>, (Thomas Clarke) writes:
> In article <46jrag$> (Joel and Lynn GAzis-SAx) writes:
>>There's a bit of rough history here. The necktie (as opposed to the bow tie)
>>was a product of Croat civilization. The neckgear which you refer to is
>>properly called a "cravat", which derives from the word "Hrvat" or "Croat".
> I think I remember coming across this somewhere else as well.
> My interest is more in why has the tie become such a universal item
> of neckwear. If it the image of the long colorful object hanging
> below the head invokes some sort of instinctual status response,
> the popularity of the "power" tie makes more sense.
>>I've cross-posted this to soc.culture.croatia for some additional feedback
>>from that group's members. They might have an answer for what purpose it
>>filled. (My brother-in-law thinks it is simply a useless embellishment.)
> I think your B-in-law is right. But that the image of the tie as
> symbolic penis may provide an explanation of its ubiquity as an item
> of status wear.
> Tom Clarke

now really, do you know anyone who wears their penis around ttheiir neck?

More seriously, a friend of mine considers that the tie is probably a
degeneraate form of a scar. (And there does seem to be more reason for
people to have been hanging scarves around their necksthan penises
around their necks.)