Re: Breasts

Tim Zickus (
30 Oct 1995 15:37:47 GMT

Saqib Mausoof <> writes:
>In the PBS Show "The Human Animal", Desmond Morris explains in detail the
>human sexuality, which included infrared photagraphy of a woman during
>an act of love making. Amazingly, the least aroused part of the upper
>torso were the breasts, except for the area around the nipples. However,
>he did explain the parralalism between a deep cleavage and a low neck

In "The Naked Ape" he also suggested that they evolved as a replacement
for buttocks as a mating signal, since we are a face-to-face sort of
critter. Full-time hemispherical breasts as an analog for buttocks...

- Tim

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