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: Hello, Cousins!
: Hope this will answer some questions.
: Members of the Pangaean Society share the following beliefs.
: Geographers tell us that originally there was only one land
: mass on the earth which then split into the continents as we
: know them. They refer to this original mega-continent as
: "Pangaea".

: Anthropologists (most of them, anyway) are of the opinion that
: mankind evolved in Pangaea. They further opine that we humans
: now living descended from this common ancestor. That is the
: reason we refer to one another as "Cousin".

: Pangaeanism has nothing to do with religion. Members come
: from all different religious backgrounds as well as atheism
: and agnosticism.

: To a Pangaean, the term "race" is a nonsense word (except as
: in "human race").

Are Pangeans against Olympics and sports in general, if some kind of
running is involved?


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