Re: Info on computer skills anthros will NEED in near future

Lucy Jones (
27 Oct 1995 22:20:40 GMT

I work as an editor for a CRM firm, and I have been an anthropology
student as well as helping my husband through his archaeology degrees.
>From my perspective, computer skills that anthropologists will need in
the near future are probably very similar to those needed in other
You will need to know one or more word processing programs. Our
government clients usually require Word Perfect 5.1 for IBM; however, I
edit using version 6.0. Some of our archaeologists use Microsoft Word
and still other mavericks use Macintosh versions of MS Word.
You will need to understand e-mail and the Internet and all those other
fun on-line things. You will want to take advantage of list servers
related to your area of specialization. Some people I have talked with
also believe that electronic publishing is the wave of the future for
anthropolgy (hopefully to increase access to grey literature). Also
several databases can be accessed electronically. Also, you will need to
use spreadsheets such as Excel, statistics programs such as Systat, and
of course, whatever you grad school advisor and/or boss uses.

Lucy Jones