Dragon Fly (
22 May 1995 00:43:46 GMT (Alex Mittelman) wrote:
>>I had a question. Why did you post the Russian professor's article?
>>If you have a minute I will be interested to hear your story.
>Dear Tatiana,
>Thanks for the message. Since you are the second person raising this
>question, I will post this to the board. The answer is very simple. I
>included the original article by mistake. I typed my comments, delete
>the original article, and sent the reply. Then my link went down. So, I
>typed it again, and this time I forgot to delete the original stuff. No
>special meaning, just typo.
>About the article itself. While it was obviously written to rebut €Do
>not hire Sovoks€ posting, it did little to re-establish the image of
>Russian professionals.

I thought the article was about hiring Sovoks, not about
hiring Russians.
Sovoks, especially purebred ones, have nothing to do with

>The author took an old soviet approach to return
>the insults: €And who are you to criticize us?€ Consequently, the
>article just added to the confusion instead of addressing an implied
>question: €Why are American firms keep hiring Russians?€

See above. The question was about hiring _Sovoks.

To avoid confusion in future,
there is nothing more easy than to tell the [purebred] Sovoks from Russians.

1. There is no single _Russian in US sitting on welfare.
95% of [purebred] Sovoks _are on welfare.

Q: why is that?
A: because _Russians are admitted to US only as
1. exceptional professionals
2. students
3. exchange visitors
4. fiancees
5. tourists
6. crew members
7. diplomats

None of the above categories can even theoretically receive welfare.

99% of purebred Sovoks are admitted to US as _refugees.
95% of them then spent their lives collecting
welfare and caching foodstamps.

2. purebred Sovoks whim non-stop about how evil Russian antisemits
"discriminated" them at entrance exams in Russian colleges, how
evil Russians denied them foodstamps, and how finally, they
kept them from emigrating to US (why to US?) and getting their
"rightful" share of foodstamps.

3. _Russians attend Orthodox Churches. [purebred] Sovoks hate
Orthodox Christianity.