Re: Breast Size (Was: Re: Homosexuality and genetic determinism)

Tim Benham (
Tue, 30 May 1995 06:56:37 GMT

Michael Andrew Turton ( wrote:


: I love the way Morris simply *asserts* this. Morris, for one
: thing, does not know if the shape of ape breasts are signals for apes
: (does he read monkey minds?) Plus, one could still explain large breasts
: in terms of advantages in child-rearing which were later recognized by
: men. These silly stories that the attributes of women evolved for men
: really must DIE.

I take it that by "evolved for men" you mean "are the product of sexual
selection". They will DIE when they are disproved, but so far you have
not made a coherent evolutionary argument that indicates that the "silly
story" in question is untrue.

: Far more likely men came to identify the attributes of women
: with desirable characteristics in a mate.

Once that has happened then the characteristic is subject to sexual
selection. Are you claiming that the preferences of men have no impact
on the reproductive outcomes of women?

People who like this sort of thing
will find this the sort of thing they like.
Tim J.Benham