Re: If god exists, what created god?

jeff candy (
29 May 1995 14:26:18 GMT

In article <3qcfkd$>, (Montek Singh) writes:

|> If the physical laws that governed whatever existed before t=0 are
|> still valid today


In a previous post, I explained how modern cosmology predicts a
space-time manifold (within the context of a "big-bang" theory)
defined only for the "open set" t>0. There is no "before".
I emphasized that this concept is taught in junior high school.
I am NOT an astrophysicist, and would thus welcome an elucidation
by one (though I doubt any would waste their time). If you are
not referring to a big-bang theory, what is the significance of

<more nonsense snipped>

|> As an aside, the red-shift, a pretty much observable phenomenon has
|> been sought to be explained using several theories -- big-bang,
|> oscillating universe et cetera. Likewise, there are many other
|> observable phenomena which mankind is trying to reconcile modern
|> cosmic theory with. Once that is done, we'll have a theory of the
|> cosmos incorporating all known observable phenomena and established
|> (or to-be-established) laws. It is clear that there is no need to go
|> any further than that. If there were any laws or rules that God made
|> that are not applicable anymore, and no remnants or traces of which
|> remain, then why bother about them? There is no sense even in talking
|> about them.

Exactly what is God? Maybe you should stick with observable quantities,
and intelligent use of physics.


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