Re: Setting Followups (was Re: ZERO (was: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory")

Gil Hardwick (
Sat, 27 May 1995 01:46:56 GMT

In article <>, Ian Musgrave ( writes:
>So could I ask EVERYONE again, including gil, old sweetheart, to _please_
>check their headers when replying to a post to ensure that it goes to the
>appropriate newsgroups.

Ah, but you continue to lack any credibility since persisting so in
NAMING me in particular. Why?

Ian, greetings and salutations, have I got your attention finally?

Knock knock! Anybody home?

I am not the God of the Internet! I am but a humble user like everyone
else. So if you don't mind, as you succeed in having everybody at once
follow your advice (and Good Luck!), I am quite happy to go along with
whatever happens.

EXCEPT, when some crud moron decides to cross-post their abuse so
widely, THEN I will assert my right of reply to the same audience.

In that case, please do speak to them about their behaviour FIRST,
before I get a chance to intervene.

Get it yet?