Re: Reality Checkpoint

Ben Newsam (
29 May 1995 02:25:08 +0100 "Doug Hall" writes:

> Clive D.W. Feather ( wrote:
> : Ben Newsam <> wrote:
> : > BUT: Reality Checkpoint is NOT in the centre of Parker's Piece, it's a
> small,
> : > insignificant lamp post (fairly) near the edge of the vast Universe of
> grass.
> : Huh ?
> : The one in the middle is labelled Reality Checkpoint, and everyone I
> : know thinks it is.
> I'll agree with this.. has been ever since I've lived in cambridge,
> a photo even appeared on the front page of the CCAT student guide a year or
> two ago.

If you drew a line between the Hobbs Pavilion and the swimming pool,
you would go quite close to Reality Checkpoint. I think you would agree
that this is nowhere near the centre of Parker's Piece (check on an accurate
map). I lived within sight of the darned thing for two years, and I have
crawled past it on many a drunken night!

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