Re: Article in LA Times

Klaus Ries (ries+@CS.CMU.EDU)
23 May 1995 13:49:35 GMT


In article <3prrp2$>, (Kazimierz Kowalski) writes:
|> May 21, 1995 (Sunday) issue of Los Angeles Times published (on pages M2 & M6)
|> article by Stanley I. Kutler titled "For Revisionist, Nothing Is Ever Over"
|> from which I include the following excerpt:
|> "Adolf Hitler rose to power, to some extend, on the notion that Germany had
|> not been defeated on any battlefield in 1918, but rather had been the victim
|> of a ""stab in the back"" by Jews and communists at home"
|> -- Can anybody knowledgeable in history explain to me please, what was that
|> ""stab in the back""?
|> /kaz kowalski

Uaahhh, the author seems to be referring to the " Dolchstosslegende "
saying, that Jews and communists at home were the reason for the defeat
of Germany ( which was a defeat ).
It has been a chauvinsists, militaristic propaganda legende in the
Weimarer Republik, but who writes such crap in LA Times ??

Or did you misunderstand the article ? :)