Re: Chimps as Hunter-Gathers...

Gil Hardwick (
Sun, 28 May 1995 07:06:14 GMT

In article <3pvt7u$>, K. Rapczak ( writes:
>I read this on another newsgroup: "Science" magazine (I don't know
>which issue) supposedly published an article on primate evolution
>recently which discussed bands of chimpanzees which are beginning to
>act like the hunter-gatherer ancestors of homo sapiens.
>Is not "hunting/gathering" something chimps have already been doing
>for a long time? What, if anything, would differentiate this type of
>behavior when engaged in by proto-humans as opposed to modern

We here have no idea whatsoever.

The boys over there in sci.anthropology.paleo, on the other hand,
would be very pleased indeed to answer your question.

Thank you.