These continuing x-posts (Re: Evidence . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Fri, 26 May 1995 02:43:56 GMT

All be advised that I am saving to file the addresses of all those
persisting in cross posting all this continuing crud drivel to so
many different groups.

Let's hope that by so doing we will finally be able to track down
the real culprits, and take action to deal with them.

At the moment your "high ranking physicist" and ex-Nuclear Facility
Administrator Dr Roosen appears to be the prime suspect, since he has
been e-mailing me "confidentially" on a continuing basis wanting an
invite out here to Australia from a "real anthropologist", so that he
can go up to the desert with his instruments to attract rain clouds
so we can grow crops there.

And while he is at it use his other instruments apparently to monitor
our Aboriginal "psychic powers".

Rodney on the other hand appears to be just another of your common
or garden variety teenage sci-fi computer jerks. Let's trust that he
is not launching a career path toward becoming another of your high
ranking physical scientists in charge of another nuclear facility.

Or worse, going to work for Bill Gates so as to administer this here
Internet thingy once Microsoft has succeeded in convincing all the
world's governments that it is the only organisation at all capable of
bringing it under "control".

Good grief, your American "education" can produce some loonies! There
is no point anyone e-mailing me whinging and moaning about them.