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>SIDS (which is not even a medical diagnosis, sensu strictu) is a
>catch-all "diagnosis" created in the 1960s in Seattle for law
>enforcement. Before SIDS, cops had to investigate the death of any
>healthy baby as a potential infanticide, but they were unhappy with the
>work load. So doctors obligued them. The only operative definition of
>SIDS to this day is that a healthy baby died in its sleep. Since it's a
>"diagnosis," tagging a death "SIDS" precludes the possibility of a
>postmortum examination.
>Estimates range up to 1 in 10 for the number of SIDS deaths which are
>actually covert infanticides. (References upon request, as always.)

This is not universally true. In Cook county (chicago and suburbs)
the medical examiner's office investigates all unexplained (or unsatisfactorily explained) infant deaths that occur at home. In fact, one of the criteria
for a SIDS diagnosis is that a complete autopsy fails to find a cause of

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