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24 May 1995 00:17:58 GMT

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* >>I was lucky
* >>-- I don't look like a typical Jew so I was not discriminated in
* Russia,
* >>but I new a guy who was constantly beaten in Russian army just because
* >>his last name was Robinovich (typical Jewish family name).
* >>
* >>Regards,
* >> Andre Taube

* So the endless search for anti-semitism rolls on.
* Can someone name me a country where Jews don't think their being
* discriminated against?

First of all, it clearly does not belong to all these groups (followups
trimmed). Second, there are many countries where Jews do not feel
discriminated, at least these countries include the US, Germany and
other European countries.

* Whether you're discriminated aginst or not depends on two things.
* It's whether you fit in or you don't. And let's face it, majority
* of Jewish people have never wanted to fit in anywhere, they always had
* their own agendas and perspectives everywhere. Not to say that their
* weren't Jews who were able to assimilate.

You are wrong in several points. First of all, a desire to fit in and
discrimination should not be related. Say, gay people do not "fit in",
but it does not mean that they are or should be discriminated. Same for
assimilation - you are implying that it is OK that a certain group has
problems because they do not want to assimilate. This is exactly what is
called xenophobia, or in case of Jews - antisemitism.

* As far as Russia(USSR) goes, in no other country in Europe did Jews have
* the kinds of opportunities that were offered to them (in comparison to
* the rest of the Soviet Population ), so any accusation of wide-spread
* anti-semitism in Russia unfounded and the kind of 1980's propoganda that
* should be put to bed.

This is also a lie, besides the fact that it does not make sense. I do
not think that discrimination of Jews ever had place in Western Europe
after WWII.

For USENET readers, presence of posters who constantly bash Jews
(you might take a look at Russian newsgroups) exactly proves that
Russian antisemitism is an issue (which is very sad). However, no one
should perceive all russians as xenophobes. It is an existing problem
in the same way as racism is an existing problem here, while no one
would call Americans racist.

* P.S. I'm placing bets on how many accusations of anti-semitism I'm going
* to get.

* Yaroslav Tepper

Do not call them unfounded. It does not mean that you do not have the
right to speak.

P.S. It is sad to see how people hate each other on the basis of
nationality, and how this hate makes them stupid and unsuccessful.

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