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24 May 1995 06:17:22 GMT

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>Andre Taube <> wrote:
>>So you are denying that Jews are discriminated in Russia?
>>I guess you never had to grew up and hear kids using the word jew
>>in the same contests as full or idiot.
>>Mr. Dragon, I hate flaming, but I am Jew and I am proud of it!
>I may venture to suggest
>an intelligent person could not be
>proud of something which is not _his
>personal accomplishment.
>Hence comes the insightful conclusion:
>you are either not intelligent person, or
>your are not really proud of yourself being a Jew,
>or both.
>The third is commonly reserved for purebred Sovoks.
>>I was lucky
>>-- I don't look like a typical Jew so I was not discriminated in
>>but I new a guy who was constantly beaten in Russian army just because
>>his last name was Robinovich (typical Jewish family name).
>> Andre Taube

If you feel that Jews were discriminated against in Russia, than how do
you explain the fact that the standard of living for majority of Jews
was much higher than for an average Russians. Higher percentage of Jews
held responsible jobs in both military production sector and goverment.
As a matter of fact seldom have I met a Russian Jew who worked as a
common machine shop worker or truck driver. Mostly they are highly
educated people who held responsible positions in Russia. Which brings
me to another point, common statements that Jews were denied access
to higher education in Russia, a phoenomena with which I'm puzzled.
Majority of Russian Jews have degrees from Russian Universities. What
is even more interesting is an unproportional amount of Russians and
Jews holding higher degrees. If we look at pure statistics than for
every 100 Russian grads there should be around 3 Jewish grads. But that
is simply not the case it is more like 5 Russians to 1 Jew. Or is it
that if a Jew was denied a place in the Russian university it is because
he is a Jew, and if a Russian is not accepted it is because he is dumb?
If Russians are true antisemites, how do you explain that Jews lived
better in Russia than average Russians? Was and is there antisemitism
in Russia? Yes, but it is to the same degree as in any place else in
the world. Were Jews in Soviet Russia mistreated? Yes again. But they
were not mistreated more than anyone else in Russia. If Russia owes any
one an appology Jews would not be the first ones in line, so lets get
on with our lives. Borders are open, Russia is neither keeping anyone
in nor kicking anyone out.