Andre Taube (
22 May 1995 05:18:28 GMT

> 99% of purebred Sovoks are admitted to US as _refugees.

i.e. Sovoks are Jews (most, if not all, Russians coming to U.S. as refugees
are Jews)

> 95% of them then spent their lives collecting
> welfare and caching foodstamps.

No comment, it is a speculation!

>2. purebred Sovoks whim non-stop about how evil Russian antisemits
> "discriminated" them at entrance exams in Russian colleges, how
> evil Russians denied them foodstamps, and how finally, they
> kept them from emigrating to US (why to US?) and getting their
> "rightful" share of foodstamps.

So you are denying that Jews are discriminated in Russia?
I guess you never had to grew up and hear kids using the word jew
in the same contests as full or idiot.

>3. _Russians attend Orthodox Churches. [purebred] Sovoks hate
> Orthodox Christianity.

I doubt it!


Mr. Dragon, I hate flaming, but I am Jew and I am proud of it! I was lucky
-- I don't look like a typical Jew so I was not discriminated in Russia,
but I new a guy who was constantly beaten in Russian army just because
his last name was Robinovich (typical Jewish family name).

Andre Taube