Setting Followups (was Re: ZERO (was: Evidence for "Big Bang Theory")

Ian Musgrave (
Fri, 26 May 1995 09:00:44 GMT

Delibrately posted to sci.astro, sci.antropology,,
alt.astrology (as was the last one)

In article <> (Gil
Hardwick) writes:

[lots of things, snipped for brevity]

Okay, Lets try again. There should be a FAQ for this but hey, who reads
FAQ's anyway.

May I respectfully call for everyones attention. When people are
following up a post, would they _please_ check the newsgroups header. Many
news readers AUTOMATICALLY take their follow up distribution from the article
you are following up, WITHOUT explicitly asking you. This happens especially
with the character based UNIX news readers, and you may have to invoke a
separate command to edit the header. Often it is not obvious that your post is
bouncing around to several groups, and the commands necessary are also not
obvious. Please check the help file of your newsreader (on UNIX systems this
can be done with man newsreader_name, eg. man nn if you use nn). On some
systems (not Trumpet 1.01a for windows, unfortunately), you can also insert a
Set Followups To line, so that replies to you post will go to a single defined
newsgroup, rather than many.

So could I ask EVERYONE again, including gil, old sweetheart, to _please_
check their headers when replying to a post to ensure that it goes to the
appropriate newsgroups.

Cheers everybody, have a good weekend! Ian

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