Re: If god exists, what created god?

Zebedee (
23 May 1995 14:19:31 GMT

Science and Religion. Well-here I go again. I've done this once before
you know. Prepared? Good.

Science states fact. Religion states opinion. All facts are opinions.
Therefore Science is Religion. Religion is Science. Both are same and
equal. A scientist may argue of course but hell, thems the brakes mate.

DID YOU KNOW - that under very very very tiny microscopic observation
particles of stuff in general (you know, everything) behaves according to
the EXPECTATIONS of the INDIVIDUAL SCIENTIST? It's in the books, and
they've never figured it out to this day. To do so would (sin!) be to
embrace religion (sin!) and no reputable man of fact and figure could do
that. So, like any other good "failed" scientific experiment they put it
in the fine print and no one ever knows unless they look.

Good democratic free-speaking informative society isn't it?

Arguments welcome, Love me