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24 May 1995 03:17:12 GMT

In article <3ptrai$>, SS <> wrote:
>Jews in Russia have NEVER been discriminated.
>Jews owe Russia a great favour: they were protected from Hitler by Russian
>Army. If there WAS any kind of discrimination against jews,
>they would have DISAPPEARED form the face of Earth.
> -Sergey

There were/are no Jews in Russia, only purebred Sovoks.

And they _were and hopefully _are discriminated against.

Every insightful observer knows purebred Sovoks were
not allowed into Russian physics, airspace engineering, and
especially mathematics.
On the other hand, they proliferated in Soviet medicine, law.

Compare now:

Russian mathematics is absolutely the best in the world,
physics and space research are on a leading positions as well.

What is Soviet "medicine" ? or better
what was Soviet "law" ?

Let's pay a tribute to the
"most democratic constitution" in the world -
1936 Stalins's constitution, and its
author - Comrade Vyshinsky (100% purebred Sovok).


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>Andre Taube <> wrote:
>>> 99% of purebred Sovoks are admitted to US as _refugees.
>>i.e. Sovoks are Jews (most, if not all, Russians coming to U.S. as refugees
>>are Jews)
>>> 95% of them then spent their lives collecting
>>> welfare and caching foodstamps.
>>No comment, it is a speculation!
>>>2. purebred Sovoks whim non-stop about how evil Russian antisemits
>>> "discriminated" them at entrance exams in Russian colleges, how
>>> evil Russians denied them foodstamps, and how finally, they
>>> kept them from emigrating to US (why to US?) and getting their
>>> "rightful" share of foodstamps.
>>So you are denying that Jews are discriminated in Russia?
>>I guess you never had to grew up and hear kids using the word jew
>>in the same contests as full or idiot.
>>>3. _Russians attend Orthodox Churches. [purebred] Sovoks hate
>>> Orthodox Christianity.
>>I doubt it!
>>Mr. Dragon, I hate flaming, but I am Jew and I am proud of it! I was lucky
>>-- I don't look like a typical Jew so I was not discriminated in Russia,
>>but I new a guy who was constantly beaten in Russian army just because
>>his last name was Robinovich (typical Jewish family name).
>> Andre Taube