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>I was interested in whether anthropologists accept evidence for sexual size
>dimorphism in human beings, and am still not sure.

Yes, it is accepted that humans exhibit sexual dimorphism. I would even
suggest that there is *racial* (shudder!) variation the amount of
dimorphism, with southeast asian races showing slightly less than the human

>God knows what would
>happen if I started asking about *neurological* sexual dimorphisms in

Already proven, although probably not over the full racial spectrum.
Scientific american presented some of the latest results about a year ago.
Clear differences were shown between male and female cognitive processes.

>>This says nothing about aggression. Both gorillas and gibbons are
>>comparitively peaceful compared to humans and baboons.

>I wonder; gorilla males are not so peaceful during male/male competition.
>That's when the species' sexual size dimorphism would matter, I'd guess.

If I recall correctly, conflicts between male gorillas tend to be settled
very discreetly. Wilson has a summary in _sociobiology_.

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