Re: anti-inbreeding laws

Gil Hardwick (
Sat, 20 May 1995 01:58:09 GMT

In article <3pd851$>, Evolution is both cultural and biological (cc6904@albnyvms.bitnet) writes:
>The most probable reason against inbreeding at the begining was
>due to that the more you marry outwards of a group the more area
>you can draw resources from. But at the same time the more alliances
>you have and the more allies you can draw from for aid.

But it is only the Euro-Americans and their industrialised satellites
that "draw resources" from wider areas. Everybody else settles down
somewhere to raising their families and feeding the children, which
is very easy, while taking time out to travel around and get to know
people during young adulthood.

>There is also a negative to this. The more you marry out the less
>you can accumulate resources unless you create specific mechanism for
>this. (Ex. Patriarchical descent groups)

Yet you fail to mention who "accumulates resources" at all, apart from
the contemporary capitalist societies extant?