Re: Man-eating myth?

Thomas B Gross (
Fri, 19 May 1995 13:02:46 GMT

Bruce D. Scott ( wrote:
: Thomas B Gross ( wrote:

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: : A number of years ago I read a book called "The Man-eathing Myth"
: : by an anthropologist who basically said that he could find no
: : evidence that any culture had ever sanctioned cannibalism.

: That the edible remains of many of the Aztec sacrificees found their way to
: the markets and were later consumed is documented by chroniclers who were
: there and saw it with their eyes. Look for earliest-possible translations
: of Sahagun. The accounts are considered "shocking" by the mores of the
: present Western culture, and perhaps for that reason people look for
: arguments against their actual occurrence.

is Sahugan considered a credible source? have there been any anthropological
studies of cannibalistic society? the point of the book, as I recall,
was that the author was personally surprised that he couldn't find any
really credible evidence of "cannibals". I'm just wondering if any body
has found any since. I'm sure he addresses early chronicles of the aztecs...