Re: Harris

Gil Hardwick (
Fri, 19 May 1995 09:16:37 GMT

In article <>, JAMES BENTHALL ( writes:
>In article <>, "John W. Arnn" <> writes...
>>Lest we forget Marx called for the overthrow of all existing social
>>institutions by whatever means were necessary. Shouldn't we question
>>anyone; man, woman, dog, or cat who advocates that?
>Marx only said this in a few of his *voluminous* writings, and it was in
>reference to a particular thing that I won't get into here (i.e. human
>freedom). Its amazing how many people know ONLY WHAT THE STATE WANTS THEM TO
>KNOW about Marx. He was correct when he predicted that would be the case as
> james

James! You dare to commit such heresy?

We can only be of SOME help from this far away, you know.

Lest we forget . . .