Going troppo (was Re: Incest taboos)

Gil Hardwick (gil@landmark.iinet.net.au)
Fri, 19 May 1995 04:01:32 GMT

In article <3p7grj$ab9@sat.ipp-garching.mpg.de>, Bruce D. Scott (bds@ipp-garching.mpg.de) writes:
>In principle, yes... as a plausibility argument. But did it really happen?
>This is why (I think) Bryant asked for a cite. It would help...

I thought you were not going to engage us any more here, Bruce.

Since you are still with us, let me try once again.

Since neither of you want to go to your own libraries and do some
reading of your own; since you DARE NOT take the risk of stepping
into the murky depths of human psychopathology, we (us Australian
fieldies out here dealing with reality on a day to day basis) are no
longer concerned with the refusal of you few American skeptics so
plainly obsessed with your own political agenda to consider the

Nor are we concerned with your own unrelenting obsessions with the
form of our narrative. We are very happy indeed, on the other hand,
to let the facts speak for themselves. Yes?

NOT words in books, nor the even less tenuous words appearing on these
silly Usenet screens, but real life observations made repeatedly and
impartially by trained scientists.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating, yes? The substance of social
science is in the rigorously controlled monitoring of REAL HUMAN

At any time it is convenient to you, you are both cordially invited
out here to do some actual, substantial, scientific research.

I offer you FREE room and board for the entire duration, and access to
medical doctors, psychologists, anthropologists and community health
professionals experienced in Aboriginal Australia and familiar with
the phenomena at hand.

I can take you to any location you care to carry out your fieldwork,
and for that matter I am sure we can arrange academic supervision of
your monograph on the phenomenon, as you wish.

We can also remain on standby to assist you through the period of
your culture shock too, if you think that will help. After going to
all this trouble we wouldn't want you to be going troppo yourselves,
now would we.