Re: Incest taboos

Bryant (
19 May 1995 14:04:59 -0600

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Gil Hardwick <> wrote:
>Oh, behavioural genetics. By that do you mean the propensity of our
>good Brother Gregor's garden peas to rooting their sisters through
>carrying an incest gene? Or maybe Joe Birdsell's idea that people only
>have sex together when they are married and living together, at least
>50% of them anyway, such behaviour governed by their territory gene?

So now, abandoning creationism, you've become a Panglossian?

>My objection, do recall, has ever been to your propensity to build
>such elaborate "scientific" theories on such a paucity of evidence.

"Such" theories? "Such" lack of evidence? What *are* you going on
about, Gil? I made a disparaging remark about behavioral genetics, and
now you're ascribing theories to me.