NSF soc & behav science directorate eliminated!!

18 May 1995 15:53:31 GMT

Last week the House Budget Committee voted many program cuts. One cut is in the
overall NSF budget---with the stipulation that the Directorate on Social and
Behavioral Sciences be ELIMINATED. This includes anthro, archaeology, geography,
psych, economics, policy analysis, stat, etc.

The Appropriations Committee will rubber-stamp the dollar amount, apparently,
but they may be willing to drop the language killing off anthro , etc.---a
long-time right-wing goal supported by Kasich and also the new Science Comm
chair, R Walker. Ranking Dem on that Committe is George Brown, long a friend
of NSF. And the Approp. chair is Jerry Lewis, a Calif. republican.

Write your Rep, prepare your Senator, write Lewis and Brown--and get letters
from friends who are not in an affected discipline, as well!

You might e-mail copies to federation@apa.org which is coordinating a
"restoration" effort in DC.

I can't post this in all relevant forums, but anyone should feel free to
copy, forward, etc.!!

--John R. Cole