Re: anti-inbreeding laws

Lemonhead (
Wed, 17 May 1995 13:49:43 -0500

On 17 May 1995, Evolution is both cultural and biological wrote:

> The most probable reason against inbreeding at the begining was
> due to that the more you marry outwards of a group the more area
> you can draw resources from. But at the same time the more alliances
> you have and the more allies you can draw from for aid.
> There is also a negative to this. The more you marry out the less
> you can accumulate resources unless you create specific mechanism for
> this. (Ex. Patriarchical descent groups)
But this implies cogantive processes at work, or at least a human
way of life (eg drawing on a large area for resources) But incest seems
to date back to at least our CA with chimps. Would the CA need a large
area to draw upon? Was it concerned with creating outward alliances (and
was it smart enough to know how to do this through marriage?)

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