The evil use of our brains (was Re: Evidence . . . .

Gil Hardwick (
Wed, 17 May 1995 04:54:58 GMT

In article <3p9sdr$341@stud.Direct.CA>, Iboothby (iboothby@Direct.CA) writes:
> I've noticed you've demonstrated a lack of dicipline your self Gil.
>Quit trying to convert people in this news group. Or do you even realize
>how hypocritical you're being? You seem to be an intelligent fellow. Use
>your brains for good, not evil and for God's sake. Grab a sense of humor.

Oh, are you trying to say to me here that my sense of humour is evil,
while yours is good? That I must cease amusing myself here and sit
laughing dumbfounded at your bizarre jokes instead?

Or are you simply telling me that I must start taking all this crud
seriously, or risk demonstrating a lack of discipline? Sorry, but a
poor imperfect arrogant, stupid moron that I am, it gets to the point
where I really can't help myself any more.

Only so much of this garbage arriving at my site day after day, and
after that I am persuaded Alfred E. Newman of Mad Magazine had built
the thing.

You appear an intelligent fellow! Why don't you use your brains for
good instead of wasting everybody's time posting such drivel to such a
silly medium as this here Usenet news.