Re: Incest taboos

J. Moore (
Tue, 16 May 95 14:09:00 -0500

Dd> Bryant ( said:
Dd> : In article <>,
Dd> : Gil Hardwick <> wrote:
: >On the other hand, we have documentary evidence of people having died
: >as a result of having, say, a bone pointed at them. Documented by the
: >medical fraternity, I must add.

Dd> : I'm not sure you're serious, but I have to ask for references on this
Dd> one.

Dd> You can't figure this out on your own?

Dd> They were *convinced* by superstition that they'd die if the witch
Dd> doctor did that. They *saw* him do that. They died of fright, i.e.
Dd> adrenaline fuckups & etc.

Dd> Got the picture?
Dd> David

He's got the picture; he's asking for the reference.

Understand the difference?

Jim Moore (

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